Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Little 7g Trousseau key cabinet. for Calico Crafts

I decided to use up some of the papers I had left from making my wee mini album for Mondays project, by decorating a wee wooden key-cabinet I have had on a shelf for almost a year.

I painted and distressed the whole cabinet first with paint, crackle medium and lots of sanding, and then began cutting out bits of paper and glueing them on (followed by more sanding). I darkened all the edges etc using my gingerbread versamagic chalk ink. Then I sealed everything with mod podge before adding the metal embellishments.

Supplies used from Calico Crafts:

Deco Art Acrylic paint. (I used a darker colour for the undercoat and white for the top coat but you can chose whatever you like)
Deco Art Weathered wood crackle medium (because i love it)
Mod podge
Trousseau papers
treasure gold gilt polish.
Versamagic Chalk ink


  1. wow just loving this one

  2. What can i say....even in pink....love it, too (:o)

    1. EVEN in pink! LOL.. I know. I feel the same about pink but the Trousseau papers have a bit of a pink theme in them so it seemed fitting. ( I can stand pink if there is a lot of vintage brown with it).

  3. Love this, and useful too, I an totally in love with those papers!!!!

  4. Beautiful little cabinet, Z! Looks really old! x


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