Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A quicky.....

I bet you thought I MUST have used all those 7G Trousseau paper scraps by now....  well NO  lol.

after taking the 12 sheets aside and making my £3.50 mini album, and then using some spare bits on the sides and inside door of my key cabinet yesterday, I STILL have a nice wee selection of scraps left. Some still have images etc on them so I am not done yet, but for the bits that were not much use for anything else, I altered some wooden cloths pegs.
It's not a new idea but new crafters come along every year so no harm in showing it again.

Its the same method as covering the beer mats... glue on.. let dry ... sand down.. stain edges with ink... coat with mod-podge (or similar),,
I stuck on some little pearly flower buttons I got from my friend Kathy G...

I used my pegs to replace the paper clips I was using to hold all my "BB" cards (Cards I have received from Paula Whittaker over the years) .. I have a lovely long decorated bit of raffia on the wall to hang them on and I have to say, the pegs look way better than the paper clips did.  this is just a wee section... I am going to make pegs for them ALL. I have a fair few of them.. how lucky am I?(the answer is: VERY)

Now to go use the rest of the decent sections.. maybe a domino book?

Z x


  1. Very pretty pegs, Z! Can't wait to see a domino book! xx

  2. I love those clothespins!!! What a cool idea and a perfect way to use those little scraps! Oh my goodness..LOVE domino books! I bet your's would be fabulous! <3 Candy

  3. Would hardly call myself a "new" crafter, but honestly I have not seen these before, cool idea! I probably have enough scraps to fill a shop full of cloth pegs, would just need to get the pegs lol, the few I have are all plastic:o(

    1. I have some here astrid.. you can take some of them next time you visit.


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