Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Purple Thread Shed results.

I took a series of workshops  (4 evenings , 2 hours per evening) at "The Purple Thread Shed" in Roslin Midlothian. We mostly worked on one main piece but had time to start a smaller one too (I just need to get a frame for it.
the workshops are based on 'Nostalgic Pictures'. we took old family photos along and Ali (of the purple thread shed), scanned them so the photos were not used or damaged..

 We used lots of fun and effective ageing and distressing techniques and assembled a collage of fabric. We were encouraged to thing of the person in the photo we used, and the memories we had of them.. and with these memories, we tried to choose appropriate elements to include in our collage.
My main  picture has My Aunt Mima.... Very pretty girl in her youth.

When I was a child and we went to visited her  (and uncle George), she would bring out a lovely little music box that played "The Blue Danube" and we would dance to it. I hear that tune and think of her.  so I added music paper to my collage... Some people included favourite recipes of the person in the photo.

My small project (done on the last evening of the workshop with the spare time we had left) is of my lovely mum. just a baby / toddler:  It's small so just a simple collage. I didn't add many elements to it.

I did a third piece at home a couple of weeks ago and its here on the blog, further down the page.


  1. Gorgeous pieces Louise!!! I need to get in touch with this lady and do a course with her, love all that lace, fabric and vintage stuff!!

    1. I told her you may get in touch. :) shes very flexible over the summer as to what days/evenings etc. She is also on facebook... I will facebook you her link.

  2. Fabulous piece Louise. I'm on the west coast, but pass through Roslin when going to my daughter's in Haddington. Hugs Rita xx

  3. Hi Louise, this is so gorgeous, love the metallic sheen to it. The course is right up my street, not literally as if it was I would love to go, unfortunately I'm at the other end of the country. xx

  4. Beautiful collages Zuzu!

  5. WOW I love this .. it's stunning ... xxx

  6. Oh WOW, this is Stunning Louise, I love it xx


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