Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Slate tiles: from Calico Crafts.

I got a slate heart from Calico crafts ages ago.. I sort of love natural products so just wanted it. and once I had it, I didnt want to spoil it by doing things to it. however.... since I now have half a dozen slate  roof tiles (courtesy of some high winds and storms) .. i felt i could let go the heart and just get on and play around...  I've tried two styles so far (I only had one tile so i did one style on the front and the other on the back just to see how it worked out.

the first is simply stamped on with moonlight white "brilliance dew drop" ink. the second was coloured using masking tape, the same white dewdrop ink and an ocean blue coloured chalk ink. I used a few stamps from the Lille set... (got distressed cus I seem to have lost the three little stars. i bet they were stuck to my sleeve and I went shopping with it or something) .. anyhoo...  stamped on the slate and added some red and white gingham.
its not exactly "stars and stripes"  but it has a bit of an Americana feel to it.

Slate hearts, lace, ribbon, stamps and inks all available from Calico Crafts.


  1. got to admit, that white on slate is yummy

  2. I wondered about the slate Louise, I had a mail from them yesterday telling me about them. Overspent already this month and its only the first day, my wish list was so long. Your slate is beautiful and you have certainly made want to get some. Hugs Rita xx

  3. Hi Louise, that slate with the white stamping is terrific, gorgeous gingham so pretty. xx

  4. I adore this! I must get myself some slate hearts !
    Jacquie x

  5. This is a unique way to use a slate tile aside from its usual function as flooring. I just love the touch of creativity in these twin hearts.