Thursday, 24 May 2012

Playing with my rusting tray and some Andy Skinner stamps.

So I decided to rust up some random paper and material with my rusting tray this week. and one piece of paper tore and looked a bit "tag shaped". it inspired me to get out my new "Andy Skinner" stamps (Available from Calico Crafts); and make a rust and metal eclectic tag.

I have it hanging from a wee metal hanger I have had in my craft stash for about three years... If anyone knows where you can get these in the UK I would love to know.. i love these wee hangers but this is my last one.
Other items used from Calico Crafts:

rusty wire
7 gypsies industrial gears
7 gypsies gem gears
versamagic chalk ink (gingerbread)
treasure gold (gold and pewter)


  1. Louise, what a creation, its fabulous. I have those stamps too and love them. Hug Rita xx

  2. ooo interesting - would love to see it close up.

  3. Wow looks great in your photos - bet its stunning in real life

  4. I love this tag!! and No... not just because it has my stamps on it :) It's so very different, I must try the rusty tray method!
    I also love the background you have photographed it on!

  5. this project looks fab, i need to go and you tube rusting tray...i presume it is a methos of aging papers and metal?

    1. oo its as simple as anything.. you get an old baking tray or roasting tray (metal)... one that is preferably already rusty but if not just scratch the surface. now lay in the items you want to rust (some metals wont ever rust so choose things that will. this (weirdly) includes paper and material. as the rust will cling to them and grow. so put them in the tray and to help things along , if your tray isnt too rusty, add a few rusty nails or something.. now pour in some cheap white vinegar. leave it all in there for a few days and there you have it... :)

    2. PS.. feel free to email me if you need this explained a bit more or if you have any questions. :)

  6. Wow, this is awesome...gorgeous work, Louise!

  7. Hi Louise this is fabulous and right up my street. TFS :)

  8. What a fabulous creation and thank you for the info on how to rust things.
    xxx Hazel.

  9. So cool, it looks as if you managed to be very patient this time, it's rusted so well. Love all the additional elements, fab!!! Love it that Mr S himself came to have a look at it:o)


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