Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mixed Media canvas/collage.:With DecoArt acrylics.

I decided to start learning how to draw properly. it was one of those random moments when i take a notion for something and no doubt it will pass when I realise its going to require actual effort lol.

Anyway i doodled a sketch an a wee 3 inch square notepad using a biro because I was too bored to go upstairs and find pencils and larger paper. I put a photo of Frida up and sketched my biro pen version of it...  taking a photo of a small sketch gives you the opportunity to print it out in decent quality at a much larger size so thats what i did. I printed her out and attached her to a blank canvas then just started adding pastel colours, charcoals, chalks and acrylic paints. ended up with this... I am still working on it as I feel for frida and the way I feel about the mexican folk culture, that it needs more... more vibrancy and interest, so will be collaging more "stuff" on to it over the next few days.

Here is the original wee sketch.....

Deco Art colours and products used:

American acrylics: spiced pink, raspberry, true ochre, burnt sienna, salem blue, white wash, lamp black
Deco Art Metallic Patina : renaissance gold.


  1. You draw quite well! I agree that with the mexican culture it needs to have brighter colors and lots of "stuff". Can't wait to see the end result. Great work!

    Oh, and I finally created one of your texture boxes, the last box in the workshop and I love it! I will be posting photos soon on my blog. I feel I must say that ventilation is super important because I think those fumes are toxic and since you use this method quite often I worry about you my dear :) Stay safe, we need you around. I for one would miss your beautiful work!

  2. I dont know what you used on your box but i have been doing this for years and never once had any issues with fumes... I do know the blending solution and alcohol inks give off their alcohol.. but its not toxic... maybe a wee bitty intoxicating lol. but that evaporates very quickly with or without the heatgun.
    I use daler rowney texture paste. it seems very happy to be heated without giving off any fumes.

  3. Loving your work in progress. Look forward to seeing it complete. x

  4. Hey Z!! Hope you're well.

    I *love* this! Can't wait to see it finished.



  5. Your canvas is gorgeous :) and your drawing is great too!
    Gayle x


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