Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Little Altered Vanity Case:

I seem to be going through a citrus phase.... We just had a thunder storm here, with icy hail and right after it, brilliant sunshine. I dont know if you notice the change in colours just before and after a storm. the light seems to make the fresh greens of spring and summer, just pop out at you. while I was watching the storm, I decided to make something and weirdly, without thinking about it, I seem to have strayed into those colours. so this little case is a permanent "pre thunderstorm" green.

Here is what the paint effect looks like before adding embellishments and texture etc. I started with a coat of light green, and added a few touches of bright yellow. when it had dried i put a coat of PVA glue over it then gave it a white wash with more deco art paint. I dried it vigorously with a heat gun, making it bubble and blister. when it had cooled and hardened I gave it a light sand with sand paper to remove the blister bubbles and showing the green and yellow paint underneath. then I took some very VERY watery green (it was really green water) and spread it over with a brush. I took the heatgun again and chased the puddles of green water around with it till they dried. leaving a tide mark effect. the last step before I started building up the collage embellishing was to use sequin waste and versamagic chalk inks to create the dots and honeycomb effect randomly all over the little case. Time to decorate the lid...

For the lid I used a lot of PVA glue, a vellum bird from the K&Co flora and fauna ephemera pack, some music paper from a large vintage collage sheet (and they mean LARGE... its going to last me forever lol) , more versamagic chalk ink through sequin waste and some gold polish. the pompom trim was a gift from a crafting friend. I simply glued the paper and bird on to the lid then used paints and more glue to build up texture (aided by the heatgun blistering the paint and glue).

Supplies used from Calico Crafts:
Mini case Larger of the two: HERE
Deco art paint Green, yellow and white HERE
Large vintage collage sheet HERE
Vellum bird from the ephemera pack HERE
versamagic chalk inks HERE
little paper watch face, number and flower also from the K&Co ephemera packs.


  1. Great colours :) loving the collage on the front xx

  2. Marvelous box Zuzu. Love the bird and the beautiful colors. It's great.
    Warm greet


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