Monday, 16 April 2012

Got some lace today.....

So I got some lace in the post. Helen (from Calico Crafts) had been swithering about whether to get this lace or not (along with some others) due to them being "not cheap"... but she loved them, so just went for it. to help people out, shes selling it by the HALF meter... but OOOo its lovely. I HAD to get some. no idea what i was going to use it for but knew I wanted it.

I cut a wee bitty off to make a tag. dusky pink and chocolate brown (nice colour combo...) I am still thinking about what to do with the rest.
Its self explanatory probably but here is a wee run down on its construction. 
Paint a piece of stiff card in a dusky pink. I used Deco Art acrylics.... let it dry then paint on a coat of PVA glue (White craft glue). let it go tacky dry (not completely dry) then paint on the next colour... In this instance I put on a coat of cream paint. Now dont wait on it drying, you need to heat it with the heat gun quite vigorously so that it blisters.
When this has cooled and dry, gently sand off the blisters and give the whole of the top coat a gentle sanding with sand paper.
tear out a basic tag shape...
and now age the edges with brown ink. I used Versamagic chalk inks (gingerbread) but you can use your favourite. Vintage photo distress ink would do well here too.

I stamped a nice Katzelkraft text stamp over it (also using the gingerbread ink) in a nice distressed manner (patchy in other words) .... and then I stamped out a Crafty Individuals butterfly stamp on to tissue paper and cut it out.

 I decided this left too much of the cream and pink showing so i decided to mat and layer....

now comes my lace (Yay).. i glued a bit on to the bottom of the tag. I did dab a few bits of the brown ink on to it too, just to give it more of an aged shabby chic look.

Awww pretty lace..... anyway; next step.... I added a piece of cream lace as a second layer.

next i stamped out more butterflies on to cream scrapbook paper and cut them out. I stuck them on leaving the wings free. As butterflies DO NOT fly upsides down ever, I didnt stick the top one on facing inwards. They look wrong upsides down; bit of an obsession of mine.. lol.

and last of all I added some metal and resin embellishments and punched out a hole to thread in the lace at the top....

Supplies list:

Deco Art Acrylic paints HERE
lace (pink)  HERE
lace (cream) HERE
thin lace at top of tag HERE
music collage paper HERE
inks HERE
text stamp HERE
butterfly stamp HERE

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  1. Louise, your Tag is gorgeous. I have to admit to being a lace collector for over 30years. Its so versatile too. Hugs Rita xx