Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Afternoon tea and tiffin....

Well i haven't had a chance to craft in the last few days, but I did get a chance to create. I got some lovely cake stands, made from Reclaimed vintage plates, by my friend Louise Pringle. they are very eclectic so I went out charity shop shopping and found some china cups and saucers and held a tea party with some of my friends.
the creating was 6 hours of baking, cooking and food preparation... we had a great day and yes, we ate it ALL... lol.The cake stand.... Top layer, chocolate tiffin: middle layer, lemon drizzle cake: bottom layer, fresh scones with fresh whipped strawberries and cream.

The savoury stand... Top layer: Caramelised onion and goats cheese in pastry spoons. Bottom layer, Cucumber and lemon mayo, open sandwiches.

And because we are human and cant live off of cucumber sandwiches, we had a plate full of more savoury sandwiches too (crusts cut off lol) ...


  1. how wonderful, lovely to see cake stands and home made cakes

  2. wow these stands and their contents are fabulous. x

  3. Oh wow shame I don't live nearer I would have popped round with my doggy bag LOL!! The cakes look yummy. I was eyeing up some beautiful china at Emmaus recently sorely tempted, but no where to store it. xx


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