Saturday, 15 June 2013

(number 2 of 2) peacock canvas.... 24"x24"

I did one of these YEARS ago but was asked to do another.. so here it is.. looking very much like the last one lol. its 24 inches square so not a small thing. lots of  deco art acrylics, deco art decorating/ texture paste, and fusible film. you can find a range of Deco Art supplies  HERE....


  1. wow what a stunning piece

  2. Stunning, fantastic, absolutly Love it.....

  3. This is just stunning!!! I am in LOVE with the colors. And the different textures....oh my goodness! Just amazingly beautiful! Love the peacock feathers as well. <3 Candy

  4. A stunning piece, only for me couldn´t hang it indoors, peacock feathers are very unlucky inside, or so i was advisd when i had some in my house.but still a love colourful piece

  5. yes.. oddly in Some cultures they are considered good luck like the Nazar beads (eye beads) of Turkey.. said to ward off the evil eye...
    and in other cultures they are unlucky.. so I suppose it depends which mythology is closed to your own beliefs...
    In Buddhism, the Peacock symbolizes purity, and their feathers are used for purification ceremonies. It often represents the Buddhist Wheel of Life and the Ming dynasty.


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