Monday, 27 February 2012

Speedy card : for Calico Crafts

Well, as a rule, I don't make cards; but after making a tag a few days ago, I felt I ought to try and make a card for mother day for my mother in law. I am not sure she will "Get" a tag like a crafter "gets it" lol.

I have to say, the job is made very easy with pretty scrapbook papers (and my usual gingerbread versamagic chalk ink for aging) i mounted the whole project on to a square of cardstock first so i could add the corners and rusty wire. once it was all made and glued and dry, I then added it to a folded card. If I do it any other way, i end up with blobs of ink and glue and messy fingermarks, all over the card. (I still managed to make a slight finger blob on the back despite my efforts lol)

So I cut a square of basic card-stock to size. I dont think it matters what colour but make sure its either the same as the folded card you are attaching it to, or a nice matching tone to the collage work. I glued on a square of 7 gypsies paper (cut from the same 12x12 sheet I made the tag from a few days ago.) glued it to the square of card stock. I distressed the edges (either sand it or run the edge of the scissors along it) and inked with the chalk ink to give it a sort of burnt rusty look. Next I cut out some panels from a 12x12 sheet of K&Co flora and fauna paper and aged them in the same way. decided on my layout and then glued them in to place.

I also stamped out some images from the 7 gypsies Lille stamp set. I stamped them on to sections of the background paper (I still have lots left even after cutting out the tag and the bit for the card. ) Age the edges in the same way and glue into place. wrap some rusty wire around the bottom section of the card and twist.. bend into coils/springs using a thin paintbrush handle or a skewer or something similar and hang the wee birdie charm from it...

Now attach the metal corners. The panel is now ready to be attached to the main card (which should still be glue and ink free).

Supplies list:

7Gypsies HERE: I used, 7 gypsies paper (off the wall), 7 gypsies metal corners, 7 gypsies "Lille" stamps.

K&Co paper

rusty wire

bird charm.


  1. Lovely card, gorgeous muted colour palette and what a fabulous selection of images. Love it. Tracy x x

  2. Fantastic Card, I love the Journal pages you put on Facebook...... Brilliant work. I love the colours and the butterflies


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