Friday, 3 February 2012

Birds and Bees: little altered box.

I made this box with items from two of my design teams so I am not using it on either of their blogs. instead its an independent post so I can tell you about the stamp and the other items.

Mostly its items from Calico Crafts; Including the box, scrapbook papers, paint, glue etc.
The stamp that looks like chicken wire fencing is by Katzelkraft.
Items used from Katzelkraft:

quarter plate unmounted "Grillage"

Items used form Calico Crafts:

Little mirrored box (smallest from set of three.)
7 gypsies conservatory 12x12 scrapbook paper "Aviary"
Plaid folks art paint (metallic) "Inka gold"
Deco art acrylic paint. "whitewash"

From my personal stash:

large gold bee
gold treasure wax gilt polish


  1. I love this, i have tried painted boxes but just havent got the nack yet. This is beautiful, Hmmmm I think this has inspired me to have another go.
    Sharon x

  2. Up to the usual high standard, Z! x


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