Monday, 16 January 2012

Vinegar and Brown Paper:

Vinegar and Brown Paper... Well not Quite but not far off. More like Glue and brown paper...

All you need here is, Glue, 7Gypsies decorative tissue paper, (Available from Calico Crafts HERE) and some embellishments.
(A few touches of chalk ink and gold gilt wax on the edges helped age it a bit more)
The nice thing about these decorative tissue papers is , you can cover any shaped surface with them... If a bit tears or is an awkward curve, you just need to tear a random piece off and layer it on top. a bit like doing Papier-mâché .

This was a simple Papier-mâché glasses case and very curved, but it didnt take long to cover it in tissue.
Once the glue has dried, you can varnish it if you wish. then simply glue a selection of metal embellishments on to it.


  1. Oh Zuzu, this is beautiful!!

  2. Oooh, have to get some of that delicious tissue paper! Fantastic result as ever, Z! x