Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year and a sneak peek.

Happy New Year people. I am a bit late... suffered a wee bit home damage in the recent storms so not really been able to craft.. But will be getting back to it this coming week. Its going to be a busy few months for me (craft wise) as I have a new Design Team to help launch, Some work to do for the Craft stamper in my new roll on the design team, as well as my work for my usual lovely design teams.

Talking of the Craft Stamper Magazine, and my usual design teams; there is a piece in the ideas Gallery this month, made on behalf of Craft Individuals. Its a shadow box that opens and closes... I cant show you the inside here, as that's whats in the Magazine, but I can show you the outside.So here it is... If you want to know how the inside looks then I am afraid you will have to get hold of a cop of the Mag. The theme was LOVE and the colours we had to use were turquoise , pink and read.... I dont mind admitting I felt quite worried when I heard the colours... I only do two colour schemes.. all turquoise and ocean.. or rust LOL. But I got it done and I enjoyed the challenge. And as well as that piece there is the folded concertina card on a single page of its own....
sneak peak again...I had shown this piece, briefly, before on my blog as it had "gone missing" at Craft Stamper HQ.. however it was found hiding in with one of my other projects. The editor (Katy Fox) decided she would like to use it anyway and simply asked if I could take it back off of my blog... so some of you will have seen this before.

Z x


  1. Got my sub copy of CS today...and your work looks fab missus...Hope you get a copy soon!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I dearly love the cover of the book. Love the colors and the lace, etc. It is just so stunning! Your Craft Stamper project is really cool as well. I recently saw that idea in a book and thought I'd really love to make that sometime. You did a fantastic job on yours! <3 Candy

  3. Gorgeous box (as always,Z) I love all that shiny gold and the lace is perfect. Must ask my sis to send me CS this month so I can see inside the box! Sorry to hear about your storm damage. Hope you can get back to crafting soon. x

  4. Happy New Year Z!!!

    I *love* the shadow box and I'm so happy to see the outside of it. Its just as gorgeous as the inside!

    Sorry to hear about the storm damage. Hope its not too much so you can get back to crafting and keeping us folks bursting with inspiration.



  5. Just had a proper look at the mag Z...fab projects! Love all the bits inside the shadow box, especially the hearts on twigs! looks great! xx


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