Monday, 23 January 2012

Calico Crafts: Design Team launch.

Well the new Design team blog has been launched for Calico Crafts HERE. I have the pleasure of being the "design team coordinator" , so I am really looking forward to seeing the projects appearing.We have been concentrating on a small preset list of topics for January and February; like Valentines day, Robert Burns day, Chinese new year... My first project has a very oriental feel, although the supplies used where not particularly oriental they still seemed to lend themselves to the theme. I simply had to add a few metal embellishments to help portray the theme.As one sheet of 12x12 was more than enough to cover this lovely wee jewellery box, i had s0me left over and rather than waste it, I made it in to a matching tag. Depending on the pattern of your paper, you could probably have enough left for two tags, but as i wanted to put the birds in very particular places of the box, i didn't get the most economical cutting pattern possible. still, a box completely covered and a lovely big tag from one sheet of scrapbook paper cant be bad.

List of supplies used from Calico Crafts.

Wooden Box HERE

Sheet of 12x12 scrapbook paper; The one I used is HERE. It's Calico Crafts own design from the Vintage Decor Primitive range.

Gold metal leaf HERE

Ornamental dagger charm HERE

Feather butterflies HERE

Bird charm HERE

Americana Spray varnish HERE


  1. Mmmm this is really lush. Such beautiful oriental papers. Very very gorgeous. XX

  2. Stunning piece, beautifully decorated. Tracy x

  3. wonderful box and marvelous tag !

  4. Oh wow your box is fabulous and loving your great tag as well. x

  5. Wow what a piece of art to kick start the new Design team, this is utterly beautiful and so luxurious. Glad to be sharing the journey with you. xx

  6. Beautiful work, Louise! I really love this box and the tag is stunning too.

  7. Love the vintage look - I couldn't find the bird paper on your link though - maybe it's because it's late and I am tired.

  8. its the 6th one down from the top Lottie

  9. wow just stunning.....any chance of ever receiving something like this from you (cheeky to ask I know!)

  10. ohmygosh, this is one of the most beautiful posts I have ever seen...absolutely stunning !!!
    oh, please, please tell me where those coins come from...I have been looking all over for these...I would be forever grateful Zuzu...xooxo

  11. sending you an Email Gisele and you too Paula lol x


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