Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Katzelkraft Day: Rustic box.

Using my lovely Da Vinci stamps from Katzelkraft again, to make this rustic looking box. The Knob on top is from a lot of reclaimed metal objects I got from an auction. other than that , its all ink and a bit of rough twine....

You can also buy Katzelkraft stamps from the Craft Barn in the UK.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Craft Stamper: Buried Treasure.

The Craft Stamper has arrived with many subscribers today, so it should hit the shops soon. I have a feature in there showing you how to make a very textured frame (the texture will work on anything not just a frame). I hope the step by step instructions are clear enough, but if you have any further questions on the project, dont hesitate to ask. If you leave a comment on my facebook page I will always get back to you.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Quick little notebook: For Calico Crafts

Super fast notebook made out of scrapbook papers and some printer paper. other than that, I used four rubons and some distress ink.

For More details and for products used, take a wee look at the Calico Crafts blog HERE

Monday, 23 January 2012

Calico Crafts: Design Team launch.

Well the new Design team blog has been launched for Calico Crafts HERE. I have the pleasure of being the "design team coordinator" , so I am really looking forward to seeing the projects appearing.We have been concentrating on a small preset list of topics for January and February; like Valentines day, Robert Burns day, Chinese new year... My first project has a very oriental feel, although the supplies used where not particularly oriental they still seemed to lend themselves to the theme. I simply had to add a few metal embellishments to help portray the theme.As one sheet of 12x12 was more than enough to cover this lovely wee jewellery box, i had s0me left over and rather than waste it, I made it in to a matching tag. Depending on the pattern of your paper, you could probably have enough left for two tags, but as i wanted to put the birds in very particular places of the box, i didn't get the most economical cutting pattern possible. still, a box completely covered and a lovely big tag from one sheet of scrapbook paper cant be bad.

List of supplies used from Calico Crafts.

Wooden Box HERE

Sheet of 12x12 scrapbook paper; The one I used is HERE. It's Calico Crafts own design from the Vintage Decor Primitive range.

Gold metal leaf HERE

Ornamental dagger charm HERE

Feather butterflies HERE

Bird charm HERE

Americana Spray varnish HERE

Thursday, 19 January 2012

More flooded pocketwatches:

Made some more of these flooded pocketwatches. Just a brief post to share. I got a job lot of broken vintage and retro jewellery on ebay a few weeks back so i had a chance to dig in and see what there was.. and OMG I LOVE the bird. I have the watch up for sale in folksy but I am seriously reconsidering LOL.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Chunky ATC made for KAtzelkraft.

I have been loving my friend Paula's Chunky ATC's recently and decided to try and make one in my sort of style... Not as easy as I imagined. Its a lot of small surfaces and i find small surfaces tricky (not counting dominoes).Anyway, in the end I made this, using the Da Vinci Stamps By Katzelkraft. there are two plates and I used some from both as well as using the single stamp with the steampunk cogs on it.

Stamps Used..

Da Vinci Joconde HERE

Vinci Vitruve HERE

Single Steampunk Engrenage HERE

Customers in the UK can find Katzelkraft stamps exclusively at The Craft Barn

As this is one of my favourite
Sets of stamps ever, I am entering it for the Gingersnap Creations Chestnut challenge HERE
And its not a card so I can enter it in to the Simon Says Stamp and Show. HERE

Vinegar and Brown Paper:

Vinegar and Brown Paper... Well not Quite but not far off. More like Glue and brown paper...

All you need here is, Glue, 7Gypsies decorative tissue paper, (Available from Calico Crafts HERE) and some embellishments.
(A few touches of chalk ink and gold gilt wax on the edges helped age it a bit more)
The nice thing about these decorative tissue papers is , you can cover any shaped surface with them... If a bit tears or is an awkward curve, you just need to tear a random piece off and layer it on top. a bit like doing Papier-mâché .

This was a simple Papier-mâché glasses case and very curved, but it didnt take long to cover it in tissue.
Once the glue has dried, you can varnish it if you wish. then simply glue a selection of metal embellishments on to it.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

commissions and such

Well I still have nothing much to blog.. It probably looks like I have been a slacker...

I have made a fair bit but it consists of two items for a magazine, two items for design team pieces not due to be shown till next week and 4 items for commission sales... (and a little box that i haven't shown before but its much like many others). Now making some flooded pocketwatches (also on commission) but again they look much like all the others... so here is a picture of the commissioned pencil box (you have seen others much like it in the past...) and a random cufflink or ipod box. just because :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

domino gears: Another Web Extra for Craft stamper.

Altered Dominoes done in a steampunk style... these were originally made for crafty individuals in the craft stamper ideas gallery.

This is the last of the Web Extras I am allowed to show at this time. hope you enjoyed them. And I hope to have something new to share soon.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Autumn glory: web extra for Craft stamper.

Here is another project shown on Web Extra ( a section in the Craft Stamper Blog, that shares brief instructions on how to make items shown in the ideas gallery.)
Today I am sharing the piece I had in the gallery for "Autumn glory", first published in August 2011. the instructions can be found HERE in the "Autumn glory" section.

Its called "family tree" and the stamps are all by paperbag studio.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Animal Magic. Web Extra For Craft stamper.

I have only just discovered that Craft Stamper allow us to share our own projects on our blogs, that have been shown on their web extra. This is good news, as i haven't made anything in a week, that I can actually show you. The only two project I have done are for the magazine... so rather than leave the blog neglected, I am going to start sharing my Web Extra projects.
Web Extra is a section on their blog, that gives brief instructions for projects shown in the magazines ideas gallery.
The one I am sharing today was from their "Animal Magic" Gallery, first published in July 2011. I used Crafty Individuals stamps on mine and made an altered key cabinet.

Its in a colour theme I am very fond of and its not often I find following a colour scheme I didnt choose myself very easy. but this is a scheme I would choose and have in the past. Duck egg blue, brown and cream.
Actually the project I just finished for the magazine today is the same colour scheme :)

Brief instructions are given on the relevant web extra section.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year and a sneak peek.

Happy New Year people. I am a bit late... suffered a wee bit home damage in the recent storms so not really been able to craft.. But will be getting back to it this coming week. Its going to be a busy few months for me (craft wise) as I have a new Design Team to help launch, Some work to do for the Craft stamper in my new roll on the design team, as well as my work for my usual lovely design teams.

Talking of the Craft Stamper Magazine, and my usual design teams; there is a piece in the ideas Gallery this month, made on behalf of Craft Individuals. Its a shadow box that opens and closes... I cant show you the inside here, as that's whats in the Magazine, but I can show you the outside.So here it is... If you want to know how the inside looks then I am afraid you will have to get hold of a cop of the Mag. The theme was LOVE and the colours we had to use were turquoise , pink and read.... I dont mind admitting I felt quite worried when I heard the colours... I only do two colour schemes.. all turquoise and ocean.. or rust LOL. But I got it done and I enjoyed the challenge. And as well as that piece there is the folded concertina card on a single page of its own....
sneak peak again...I had shown this piece, briefly, before on my blog as it had "gone missing" at Craft Stamper HQ.. however it was found hiding in with one of my other projects. The editor (Katy Fox) decided she would like to use it anyway and simply asked if I could take it back off of my blog... so some of you will have seen this before.

Z x

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