Sunday, 9 October 2011

Craft Barn Design Piece 1

Well its my first post as the guest designer at The Craft Barn. the theme there is calenders and although I might not manage to make every piece a calender, I have started with one.
The theme is Crafty Individuals this week and its the calender month MAY.

Here it is with the calender substituted with a metal decorative Dragonfly.

For more details and for a list of products used, please go take a visit to the Craft Barn Blog.


  1. Zuzu, it's a stunning, fabulous, shimmering piece!

  2. Fabulous piece of work. So beautiful.

  3. Dear Zuzu, I Just arrived at you blog. I love your art and creative mind! I'll be watching this blog closely, thank you for giving us so much of your time and mind. You make so wonderful and lovely works!
    Many warm Hugs from Marina from Germany
    I invited you gently to visit my creative Website: