Friday, 16 September 2011

little bit of halloween fun. for Calico crafts.

I was given the task of making a Halloween decoration for a home that has kids. (drat so I cant scare them to death with it then?). So i came up with this quick and fun little hanging using a selection of items from Calico Crafts. As you can probably see its raining here so there are rain blobs all over the item (sorry about that)
I used a picket fence wooden shape, a round shape (its meant to be a christmas bauble lol but it got "altered". I used some of the driftwood twigs, the fake moss, some ivy leaves and the red berries are from a berry garland. all from Calico craft. the pumpkin image on top of the round wooden shape is a vintage image I simply printed out. I used mod podge to protect the paper of the printed pumpkin.
the black cat is an eco shape cat from ARTChix.


  1. Fabulous fun Halloween decoration, love all the wood pieces. Tracy x

  2. Great Halloween piece, very inventive! x

  3. Super cute...I mean...scary!

  4. Okay...this is so cleaver! I love all the wood pieces and the vintage pumpkin. This whole piece is darling! <3 Candy

  5. That is such a great pumpkin face! Great use of the wood bits too - thanks for trying something different for us :)


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