Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hanging around: For Crafty Individuals.

Over on the Crafty Individuals blog, this months challenge is titled "hanging around".
I recently received the new stamps and among them was the church and crow stamp CI-139 (love it). I also had this plain clear glass hanging ornament that was the same shape as the church windows so thought the two might go well together. So here is my glass window hanging. It looks great at the window but was impossible to photograph like that so instead i simply had to lie it on a piece of white paper.
I have given a brief step by step of how it was made on my facebook page (but its pretty self explanatory I think). Thanks for stopping by. Please go take a look at the Crafty Individuals blog and maybe join in the challenge. it has a wide scope for anything that hangs (canvas, wall hanging, tag) or simply for friends hanging around together... lazy days of hanging around. its your interpretation that counts.


  1. Love this stamp and really like how you have echoed the window in your design, lovely touch. You have been a busy bee. All your creations have been wonderful. Tracy x

  2. Just received the new stamps too (it takes a little longer to come all the way here LOL).
    Love what you did with that raven, beautiful sample.

  3. very clever to marry the stamp and ornament everything about this piece

  4. Beautiful... I love the colour combination and the charms.

  5. This is stunning, love it so beautiful, the stamp is my favourite of the new ones, a little gothic, managed to sneak on the internet whilst away. LOL X