Monday, 22 August 2011

Work space. (well,the neat part)

So I promised to show a photo of my work space. I have taken it from the neatest angle I could LOL and totally excluded all the drawers and things that are behind the chairs and all the boxes on the floor and under the tables ... Its for the best. its all too scary and messy except the desk area.
So anyway, here it is... You can click on the image to make it larger and nose around. The four chairs is me being optimistic that I will actually have people round to craft with me LOL.

Just don't look BEHIND YOU!!!


  1. Hi there, really you have a neat spot in your workspace?! I cannot remember whenever i had one lol. Oh and by the way if you lived closer by i would be there yesterday to come and fill up one of those chairs!!;)

  2. Fabulous craft space, so much room to spread out, love it. Four spaces for fellow crafters to sit too, I would love such a long work area . Thanks for the snoop. Tracy x

  3. It's not messy...i only see creativity and i really like to take a seat and get a lesson. Thanks for showing and giving me an idea for a post, soon.*lol* Hugs Elly (:o)


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