Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Coasters and Keyring: Designed for Katzelkraft.

Some coasters and a keyring made using clear acrylic shapes (thank you Val) and Katzelkraft Paris stamps.
these stamps are also available from The Craft Barn in the UK.


  1. Oh Zuzu! These are lovely. I love the Arch du Triomphe (sp???)on the key ring. Too busy at work to make much art anymore.

  2. Fabulous pieces, so effective, love the embellishments on the legging too. Tracy x

  3. These are really lovely, beautiful tones, soft and muted! Want those stamps. x

  4. I am completely in love with your work ! This is fantastic !

  5. They look fabulous Zuzu, glad you found such a great use for them
    PS I won a lovely little brooch in the raffle from the craft fair :-)

  6. Lovely!!! I can see that you are better now!!
    Be carefull with yourself, you only live once!!
    Big hug Jolande


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