Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Case of "Paris Vs London"; Designed for Calico Crafts

Altered Case for Calico Crafts. The title is a no-brainer for me.. Paris would easily win.
This was made in the same way as the little one I made a couple of weeks ago. It's got the 7 Gypsies lille papers ( I have a 6x6 booklet). I attached the papers and the cut out bits of paper with Mod Podge. the trim around the edge was bought in a cake decorating shop about 3 years ago.
The cases can be found HERE.
And here it is pictured with the small one so you can see the comparison in size. The large one uses the Paris themed Papers and the small one mostly used the Union Jack UK papers (I'm Scottish but they didnt have any Scottish papers sadly lol) .


  1. Fabulous cases, love them. Beautifully decorated. Tracy x

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH how nice, this is soooo cute wonderfulllll... Jolande

  3. wonderfully decorated with a set of my fave papers.

  4. This must be made, thinking of me*lol* Love the french, used look and the bling tower. And if it wasn't enough, i'm sending you some greets from Lille/France. Perfect!!(:o) Elly

  5. I loved these so much, I bought them from Louise's Etsy site! They are just so pretty - can't get enough of 7 Gypsies papers right now :)


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