Monday, 11 July 2011

Sold my soul ... (And Altere It Monthly "Dolls")

So I admit freely to having been heard to say... "If I see one more configuration style item that's just full of Tim Holtz style stuff done in an 'I copied Tim' style, I will scream..." HOWEVER lol, in the interests of money and sales at a craft fair I made one anyway... (how many of you did I just alienate with my big mouth?)
Its a HUGE Cliché but the little house thing was only £2.99 at the craft barn.... Also it has a doll in it so I can use it as a reminder that the theme over at Alter it monthly is "Valley of the Dolls".. altered dolls. art dolls, paper dolls, doll parts, doll images... what ever you see fit to do in the theme.


  1. Beautiful job! I know what you mean about things that look like a Tim copy...but honestly, even though you've used alot of Ideaology in this piece...the colors you used and the way you finished things out and arranged made it your own. I really love what you did! Where on earth did you find that adorable little metal birdcage? Love it!

  2. I got the bird cage from ebay. via Hong Kong lol

    yes I have four Tim H items in there. the number 46, the metal clock face with a spinner, a muse charm and the fracture doll... i like Tim Holtz' ideology stuff I actually like it a lot but i do hate seeing something that is 'nothing but' T.H and with no original creativity added to it...

    thanks for your comment again Candy. its appreciated :)
    Z x

  3. Love it.....dont really think its a TH copy either - you have your own style and it comes flooding through.

  4. For me...this is much better ...TH would like a workshop from you...and me too!!
    I like your work..much more than I like the work of TH..8)
    Have a nice evening Jolande

  5. Beautiful, definitely your own style! I love the ivy leaves and the gorgeous turquoise colour of the house. xx

  6. I think the same things about TH style and stuffs. But I love to see thousands of different interpretations. Yours is stunnning, and despite TH bottles etc , is totally YOU! the way, just bought the configurations box...can't help..

  7. lol... i have one i was given for Christmas. havent used it (yet).. good luck with yours Gio. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Z x

  8. I;m really exieted!
    I very prefer such creative works!!
    I love it so much!!!

  9. This has your own unique style and I love it! I agreed with what you said about too much copying of Tim's style and it is lovely when folks put their own spin on things,

    Lucy x

  10. I think this one is my fav of the 2 you've done, although i'd swap the ickle trunk for the bird house lol then it would be perfection! your such a talent x