Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Oriental lacquered wood effect;designed for Calico crafts.

Helen, From Calico crafts sent me some solid good quality wood shapes to try out last week. I tried some out by making the vintage games (you may have seen them). today I am trying some of the wood rectangles with the "jagged edges" (although they are not jagged they feel smooth).
they came in two sizes. One and a half inch and three inch.

Firstly I took three of the three inch tall ones and inked them, stamped them then added more colour. I chose the bird stamp I like so much for small projects made by Katzelkraft, as I think it has a great oriental feel to it. once it was all dry I put on a thick coat of glossy varnish ( I used Americana spray sealer and finish ... gloss). This gave it a sort of "Chinese lacquered" look when it was all dry i joined them together with teeny wee hinges. I now have a dolls house sized Chinese tri-fold screen. Personally I will be popping it in to an assemblage at some point along with other little curios. you could also decorate a nice wooden box and simply glue the three panels along the lid. (maybe making the theme red black and gold. for a real Chinese lacquered look.)

For the little "one and a half inch" pieces I have made two little pendants or charms using the same method. (the gloss has made it hard to get a photo of them as its all reflecting back but you get the idea.


  1. Fabulous tri fold piece, love the images, these would look great in one of your curio boxes like the one below which is wonderful. Tracy x

  2. I just discovered your site and follow you. I'm in awe of your talent. You have such a great style and I love the humour and playfulness in your work too.

  3. This is sweet, i especially like the pendants x

  4. These are gorgeous and so detailed. xx

  5. wow I cant keep up with all the work youve been creating recently....wonderfully stunning as always.


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