Friday, 8 July 2011

Altering stuff:

So a while back I got a little case of dominoes from ebay. I wanted the dominoes, but the case was a bonus. I think its made of wood underneath but then it had wadding and some kind of plastic or PVC material over it. I decided to Alter the case and at first was going to pull all the plastic cover off but then decided to use it as i thought it might do interesting stuff if I heated it.
Please do click on the images for more detail.

This is the BEFORE....
Anyway, this is the result. Using Bronze paint and patina activator, gleam wax polish. lots of metal embellishments and a rusty tile my friend Gillian gave me. Now what should I do to the inside! *pondering*


  1. Gorgeous makeover sure you have lovely somethings to keep in it! XOXO Zoe

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, beautifully altered. It amazes me how much crafting you achieve, you are so productive. Tracy x

  3. Yumm! This is lovely and is totally unrecognisable from what you started with.
    Please be careful heating some plastics as they can give off very nasty toxins!

  4. thank you Julie. I will. I was reserved with my heating till I had tested it. did a very small patch first.
    Z x

  5. Love your case. and well everything you do. I wated to sign up to follow but its not coming up. I'll try again later. Into my favs you go.