Thursday, 14 July 2011

Altered Blackboard and Easel: designed for Calico Crafts.

This Blackboard and easel was among the goodies Helen sent me this week to have a go at altering. Its actually a sunny day outside!! we haven't had many of these here in scotland and it made me feel all summery at last, hence the seaside beach theme....Items used from Calico Crafts.

Blackboard and Easel:
Drift wood
Weathered wood crackle medium.

A word about the crackle medium. First heard of this one Via Andy Skinner and he seemed pleased with it and I know he got it from Calico Crafts... so I mentioned i needed a good reliable crackle to Helen who owns and runs calico craft.. as I've tried many popular brands of crackle paints and mediums to try and get the look i want...
Some worked the day i opened the tub but never worked again since... some were temperamental and worked some of the time but not all of the time... some don't work well and give an "almost" crackle effect or only crack in patches... some are so thick you have to plaster it on with a spoon but you only get about two spoonfuls in the pot etc
So if you want a crackle and you want it easy and you want to know it WILL work.. then this is your thing. (this is purely personal opinion here but i am very happy with it.) i will do a larger area of it on something soon so I can show you how it looks. the areas i have used it on to date are either too small to photo , hidden behind a blackboard lol, or are for a friend as a gift so cant show you till she has it lol.

anyway thats all for now. off to go try and clear the craft supplies in to some kind of order so i can move around without killing myself again (takes a day to clean it and one hour to mess it up again.)


  1. Thanks for the information about crackle medium..i was reading and saying 11 times YES to myselfe (:o)...and.. a nice blackboard you made. xo Elly

  2. Good grief Z. I miss coming by your blog for a while and look at all the posts you've done lol!!! Everything is wonderful (as usual) and I can't pick a fave!



  3. Thanks for all the info about crackle medium, I was also agreeing with everything you pointed out...I LOVE all the textures you always achieve in your beautiful projects, and the gorgeous use of colour!!! Happy Sunday :)

  4. I don't know how I missed this post but I came back for another look at your fantastic blog and there it is...I love the Gone Fishing! As a crafter near the beach I am always on the lookout for inspiration and you never fail to inspire. I too have been extremely unhappy with crackle effects, it's great to know there is a reliable one out there! Thanks for sharing, Connie :)

  5. It's gorgeous Zuzu, makes me want to go off to the beach immediately :D! Wonderful colours and textures and I love how you placed all the elements. Have a good weekend. :)


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