Friday, 22 July 2011

bit of a cheats post.

I haven't been too well so not been able to craft, but, I am also a "blog-a-holic"so have not enjoyed seeing NOTHING on here for a week lol. I am cheating by just sharing some stuff I made for the craft fair next week... its nothing new or original. a rehash of stuff I've made and sold in the past but it lets you know I didn't just drop off the planet I guess lol :)

Its just a couple of altered pocketwatches. The image in the second one is from ARTChix as are the little rose, the Eiffel tower, the german scrap and the metal "PARIS" charm inside. the key is a Tim Holtz one I think. I just have a box with keys in it so pick what ever seems to fit. I also forgot to do a giveaway when i reached my 200th follower a couple of weeks ago so i will get that sorted when I am feeling all better and back to crafting. In the mean time I hope you are all well and finding time to create when you want to.
Z x

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Altered Blackboard and Easel: designed for Calico Crafts.

This Blackboard and easel was among the goodies Helen sent me this week to have a go at altering. Its actually a sunny day outside!! we haven't had many of these here in scotland and it made me feel all summery at last, hence the seaside beach theme....Items used from Calico Crafts.

Blackboard and Easel:
Drift wood
Weathered wood crackle medium.

A word about the crackle medium. First heard of this one Via Andy Skinner and he seemed pleased with it and I know he got it from Calico Crafts... so I mentioned i needed a good reliable crackle to Helen who owns and runs calico craft.. as I've tried many popular brands of crackle paints and mediums to try and get the look i want...
Some worked the day i opened the tub but never worked again since... some were temperamental and worked some of the time but not all of the time... some don't work well and give an "almost" crackle effect or only crack in patches... some are so thick you have to plaster it on with a spoon but you only get about two spoonfuls in the pot etc
So if you want a crackle and you want it easy and you want to know it WILL work.. then this is your thing. (this is purely personal opinion here but i am very happy with it.) i will do a larger area of it on something soon so I can show you how it looks. the areas i have used it on to date are either too small to photo , hidden behind a blackboard lol, or are for a friend as a gift so cant show you till she has it lol.

anyway thats all for now. off to go try and clear the craft supplies in to some kind of order so i can move around without killing myself again (takes a day to clean it and one hour to mess it up again.)

Vintage Parlour game of pairs

Well I finished the last of the "pair" game pieces today. 24 pieces stained, stamped, images glues, distressed, gilt waxed and varnished.... all ready to go in to their presentation box, (shown below)...

These sturdy little wood rectangles were just perfect for it. (going to have little game of it to make sure it works, although its more dependant on my brain working so I expect an "Epic Fail" lol). I am going to start on the rest of the dominoes tomorrow. (the wooden tiles are from Calico Crafts And the images are from ARTChix...)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Oriental lacquered wood effect;designed for Calico crafts.

Helen, From Calico crafts sent me some solid good quality wood shapes to try out last week. I tried some out by making the vintage games (you may have seen them). today I am trying some of the wood rectangles with the "jagged edges" (although they are not jagged they feel smooth).
they came in two sizes. One and a half inch and three inch.

Firstly I took three of the three inch tall ones and inked them, stamped them then added more colour. I chose the bird stamp I like so much for small projects made by Katzelkraft, as I think it has a great oriental feel to it. once it was all dry I put on a thick coat of glossy varnish ( I used Americana spray sealer and finish ... gloss). This gave it a sort of "Chinese lacquered" look when it was all dry i joined them together with teeny wee hinges. I now have a dolls house sized Chinese tri-fold screen. Personally I will be popping it in to an assemblage at some point along with other little curios. you could also decorate a nice wooden box and simply glue the three panels along the lid. (maybe making the theme red black and gold. for a real Chinese lacquered look.)

For the little "one and a half inch" pieces I have made two little pendants or charms using the same method. (the gloss has made it hard to get a photo of them as its all reflecting back but you get the idea.

Another "House of Curiosities" ...

Decorated and filled my second little Craft Barn house today. I am starting to fall in love with the two ive done and not sure i can part with them after making them to sell lol. might keep this one and sell the other (or Vice Versa) ...

This one was painted with the bronze paint and blue Patina solution to give a weathered aged look.
Then I just filled it with randomness. Making sure Grandmas old travel trunk was in the attic with a Paris souvenir.

Copper'n'cogs; Gingersnap Creations.

I had a little box sitting at the bottom of a pile of "things to alter" and decided to give it an old "copper and rivets" Steampunk sort of look. I used an image from an ARTChix digital collage sheet and a couple of the "Eco shape gears" from ARTChix. the paint is from the same folks as do the rust stuff (they have no rust stuff left due to me recommending it to you all and now I have run out LOL ironic haha) .... anyway, I digress... this paint is the copper paint and Green Patina or Verdigris. the little watch parts i have used as sprinkles come from Calico Crafts. i sprinkled them on freely and still have plenty left in the bag. (ps; I would have linked you directly to the items but the site seems to be having an issue right now sorry)

Over at Gingersnap Creations, the theme is"machines, and the supply challenge is Gears, Cogs and Watch parts.. (it was made for me... can I enter my whole blog? lol.. NO? OK well I will enter this as its new...)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Domed mini trunk:Designed for Calico Crafts.

Helen at Calico Crafts, got a lot of new stock in recently. among it all were these little wooden domed trunks. lovely shape and nice sturdy box.
I used some of the lace, also available at Calico Crafts and some of the 7 gypsies tissue paper, also available at calico crafts.

Venetian triptych: Designed for ARTChix

Helga, from ARTChix, sent me more samples and they arrived last week. Among them this Venetian Triptych; They are really good quality, sturdy items, made from recycled wood fibre. so smooth so it makes for easy stamping and inking too....

You can also get the German scrap from ARTChix as well as the little metal rose in the centre and the pink collage element in the middle.
The side panels were painted in a copper based paint then coated with a verdigris (green patina) solution. The middle was inked using Versamagic chalk inks, stamped with stazon black then I added the middle panel. I burnished over the pink middle panel with a copper gilt wax polish, then glued the other elements in place. The German scrap was coloured with alcohol inks and allowed to dry before gluing on.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Sold my soul ... (And Altere It Monthly "Dolls")

So I admit freely to having been heard to say... "If I see one more configuration style item that's just full of Tim Holtz style stuff done in an 'I copied Tim' style, I will scream..." HOWEVER lol, in the interests of money and sales at a craft fair I made one anyway... (how many of you did I just alienate with my big mouth?)
Its a HUGE Cliché but the little house thing was only £2.99 at the craft barn.... Also it has a doll in it so I can use it as a reminder that the theme over at Alter it monthly is "Valley of the Dolls".. altered dolls. art dolls, paper dolls, doll parts, doll images... what ever you see fit to do in the theme.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Box of numbers: Designed for Calico crafts

I wanted to show you could still use the 7 gypsies tissue paper, (Available HERE at Calico Crafts), if you wanted a lot of colour in your project. It doesn't have to be neutral, although its a lovely vintage brown wrapping look it has as it is...
Anyway here is another altered box. It still has a distressed torn sanded vintage feel to it only its full of turquoise colour. I used more of the tissue as a background so you can see what colour it started as.

Little trinket box with mirror: Designed for Calico Crafts.

In the box of goodies Helen from Calico crafts sent, was a little chipboard jewellery or make-up box with a mirror in the lid (Available HERE). I had a whole load of ideas for it but when i opened the pack of 7 Gypsies tissue paper she also sent, the neutral simple colours with the delicate eclectic images just got my attention. so ive covered the box with the paper. it was a nice simple make (I took the mirror off before decorating and then reattached it after.)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Vintage steampunk style Games. Designed for Calico Crafts.

So the other day I made an Altered domino case (Its two posts down)... And today I set about making some vintage games to go inside. Picture Dominoes and the game "pairs". I used solid wooden rectangles from Calico Crafts.

I think handing a set of altered hand made dominoes over in a hand altered box or case would make a fantastic gift. Especially at Christmas when playing games is a main feature of the day for many.For the Dominoes you will need 28 wooden pieces Available HERE. And you will need 7 images each printed out 7 times (or if its not a digital collage sheet you will need 7 sheets of your images.)

Stain the wood pieces, stamp cogs on the back,(This cog stamp is from Katzelkraft,) and then stick your images on to the other side. I distressed them a bit and added gilt wax polish around the edges in a copper tone to make them more vintage, before spraying with Varnish.
I used images from ARTChix.For the game set of "Pairs" you really can make it any size as long as you have two of each image. I Dont think any less than 12 would be much fun unless you are making it a children's set. (be sure to sand and varnish everyting well if its going to be for kids.Of course you can paint the wooden rectangles bright shiny colours and add modern images, nature images, family photos, Alphabets for kids etc.... I just have a tendency toward vintage distressed and steampunky.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Door Knob Hanger: Designed for ARTChix.

Helga, from ARTChix, sent me some gorgeous seahorses and coral (Among other new items in stock, that I cant wait to use) and as the theme for a craft Lottery I take part in is "Under the sea" then this just seemed ideal as the lotto make MUST include at least one ARTChix product... Sorted!
And here the seahorses and coral are purple (Due to my son and i wanting there to be some purple with the aqua :) )

Altering stuff:

So a while back I got a little case of dominoes from ebay. I wanted the dominoes, but the case was a bonus. I think its made of wood underneath but then it had wadding and some kind of plastic or PVC material over it. I decided to Alter the case and at first was going to pull all the plastic cover off but then decided to use it as i thought it might do interesting stuff if I heated it.
Please do click on the images for more detail.

This is the BEFORE....
Anyway, this is the result. Using Bronze paint and patina activator, gleam wax polish. lots of metal embellishments and a rusty tile my friend Gillian gave me. Now what should I do to the inside! *pondering*

Sewing box; Last one I promise (well for a day or two anyway lol)

So having now sold a few of these I did ONE more. I should really try a different colour but the pink seems to be popular. I just got more of the scissor charm things too so I can make more of these for the craft fair in various colours. And here was I thinking I would get stuck with stamps on a sewing theme lol.Stamps by Crafty Individuals Stamps. CI-322 CI-323 and CI-306...

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Little Book Of Egypt. Designed for Katzelkraft and Tammie.

Continuing to alter all the little books (3 inch x 3 inch) from the book box I talked about a few weeks ago...
This one is "The little book of Egypt." made Using Katzelkrafts Egypt plate which you can get HERE. Katzelcraft Stamps are also sold in the UK exclusively by The Craft Barn.

Craft day with friends.

I went over to Haddington to “ The Mad Scrapper ” for a 12 hour crafting day. I only stayed for 6 hours and probably talked more than I craf...