Thursday, 30 June 2011

ARTChix quickie:

This isnt a very clever or complex item but I thought I would share it anyway.
A group I am in has an art lottery regularly. We have to always include an ARTChix product in each piece and the next theme is based on "sewing"...
I pretty much hate sewing therefore I dont much like it as a theme to work with. but I found a way around it (I think)...I had a little pack of miniature wooden cotton-reel bobbins. So I stained them, cut sections of ARTChix images to glue around them then I glossed them. SO they sort of look like shiny beads now.
I also used some of ARTChix little metal roses and one of ARTChix little wooden hummingbirds to hang on to bits of chain and make a handbag charm.
I hope it fits the bill OK...


  1. Love your handbag charm, great use for the bobbins, love them. A lovely gift idea. Tracy x