Monday, 16 May 2011

From boredom springs a notebook.

I had one of those "I'm so bored" days (despite there being a million things I COULD do lol.) Anyway eventually, after hanging around the Katzelkraft design team forum for a bit, I was given a kick by Bea, as she threatened to set a themed task for me to do if I didn't go do something by myself.
It only took me 15 minutes but it sort of got me out of the "stuck" place and made me go and get on with some mundane chores afterwards.
I have used the Sablier (Sand-glass or hourglass) plate for this. It's temporarily out of stock at Katzelkraft but will be back. Meanwhile it is available in the UK from The Craft Barn.


  1. This is lovely Louise! I am always happy when I can get something accomplished that isn't part of what I am 'supposed'to do with my art.

    I have a couple of journals that I could alter in a similar way. I am now into gold paint on everything that isn't part of my swap stuff.

  2. wow stunning I love the corners are these a moulding or a ready made embellishment

  3. okay I think you should get stuck more...JK...this is fabuolous! As always your colors and composition are out of this worlds!

  4. i don't know where you find all your inspiration, just beautiful x