Saturday, 28 May 2011

For Katzelkraft: Inspired by BB (Paula)

Designed for Katzelkraft. UK customers can get Katzelkraft stamps from the Craft Barn.

OK for those who are friends and know me, I want to issue a health warning. Do not look at this post until you are sitting down....
So I made 2 cards. Yes you heard me! I made CARDS lol. Shocker isn't it. Last week I made a Tag in the theme of the french flag. I really liked the colours of the flag emulated with distress inks so wanted to use that idea again. I tried a couple of cards with the help of BB's inspiration. ( BB is Paula Whittaker) shes my all time favourite card maker and I so wish I could make cards like her.
Anyway I combined my flag colours idea with the nice clean simple stamping style BB has been inspiring many of us to try.

Needless to say the cards are not a patch on BB's but for me, its a bit of a triumph as most cards I try to make end up in the trash.


  1. These are beautiful see it does not hurt if you make cards...8)

  2. Stunning cards and I'm off for a look at BB's blog. For some reason my Google account login is putting me as anonymous (?!) but this is Cindy from Plantslist. Lol, blogger is driving me nuts lately.

  3. These are great, I especially love the second one. I'm a big Paula fan too. xx

  4. steady on Louise, don't go TOOOO far to the dark side! hahaha. Seriously tho, these are nice
    And for some reason, I can't post as usual either so I'm going anonymous, but is Lynda B (Mafalda Hopkirk)


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