Monday, 30 May 2011

Woodland Fairies in the garden: Designed for Calico Crafts.

Helen at Calico Crafts sent me a collection of items and charms etc to have a play with. Among the collection were two little wooden bird houses. Last winter I made a winter snow and frosty sparkle bird house so I decided to stick to seasons and do this one to represent Autumn. (and its also become a house for fairies.)Items supplied by Calico Crafts:

Wooden bird house
Acrylic paint
Ivy leaves
Metal bird charms

Saturday, 28 May 2011

For Katzelkraft: Inspired by BB (Paula)

Designed for Katzelkraft. UK customers can get Katzelkraft stamps from the Craft Barn.

OK for those who are friends and know me, I want to issue a health warning. Do not look at this post until you are sitting down....
So I made 2 cards. Yes you heard me! I made CARDS lol. Shocker isn't it. Last week I made a Tag in the theme of the french flag. I really liked the colours of the flag emulated with distress inks so wanted to use that idea again. I tried a couple of cards with the help of BB's inspiration. ( BB is Paula Whittaker) shes my all time favourite card maker and I so wish I could make cards like her.
Anyway I combined my flag colours idea with the nice clean simple stamping style BB has been inspiring many of us to try.

Needless to say the cards are not a patch on BB's but for me, its a bit of a triumph as most cards I try to make end up in the trash.

Friday, 27 May 2011

New stuff From Calico Crafts.

A box arrived today full of yum stuff from Calico crafts. some which I had ordered and some bits that Helen had added for free to be used in Design projects. I only have to use what I like or can use so there is no pressure but when I get a box of goodies I cant help but go and make something the second I've finished opening it. This box was actually one that Dominoes arrived in. its a sturdy wooden box and seemed a shame to waste it so I have altered it.Helen sent me some Vintage Decor collage sheets. I wasnt sure if I could use them when we talked about them over the phone but once i handled them and saw them up close I decided i HAD to use them. They feel like a cross between parchment and high quality tissue. Anyway I covered my wooden box with some decorative pieces, and I varnished it using Americana spray sealer (gloss).

To be honest, if I had left it just like that, it would have looked great. it was clean and pretty and shiny. But this is ME lol. I dont do very new clean cut and pretty items. I do vintage, distressed, kicked around and ancient looking items so I kept adding stuff. gilt wax polish, distress inks, mica mists, sanding, tearing, gold leaf.... and this is the finished look.

Stock from Calico Crafts

Vintage Decor collage sheets.
American gloss sealer.
Metal butterfly (from the steampunk metal range)
Gold leaf.
Ranger Crackle accents.

I have entered this in to the Three Muses BLUE theme challenge.

Steampunk style necklace.

I need a little break from Design Team work and rubber stamping, so I got out all my metal bits and jewellery items and constructed this steampunk style necklace. It's made from vintage and reclaimed jewellery as well as new bits and bobs. The beads really give the piece a cool steampunk look
The majority of the pieces here can be found at Calico Crafts as well as many other cool steampunk and vintage style metal charms and fixings.

Stock from Calico Crafts:
The butterfly used as the main piece...
Spiral coil/ spring beads,
Vintage style safety-pin,
Vintage tone jump rings
Vintage tone link chain (although I used my own stock)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

She sells Sea Shells: Designed for Katzelkraft.

I don't know about you but, when i get a new stamp I HAVE to stamp it on to something almost right away. It doesn't matter if I actually have a project to use it on, I just need to SEE it lol. I have found quick little tags are just very handy for this. So I made a tag with my new Stamp. This A6 plate is from Katzelkraft and is called collage symphonie. You can get it HERE.
People in the UK can get Katzelkraft stamps from the Craft Barn HERE.
The sharp eyed folks among you (and those that know me well) will notice I didnt wait till the glue and varnish dried before taking the photo :D. Patience isn't one of my strong points...

I am entering this in to Gingersnap creations "Denim rust 'n' dust" colour scheme challenge.

The other quick try out I like doing with new stamps is to "get them on a domino". I sell quite a lot of domino pendants and fridge magnets so I am making two or three a week. its nice to see which stamps look good on a domino. I picked out one are to try out and made this crackled vintage looking little domino.I stamped the shell on to the domino, then hand painted with alcohol inks on the biggest blank areas. If you start trying to colour in the detailed sections with alcohol ink, it will just smudge the stamped image so its best to just pick out areas your brush fits in. I used "stream" on the background, and a mix of "caramel" and "terracotta" on the shell. Once dry i coated it in crackle accents (using the crackle accents to attach the star fish at the same time), and left it over night. In the morning i carefully rubbed some of the terracotta alcohol ink in to some of the cracks in the glaze to give it an aged look then rubbed vintage gold gilt wax polish around the edges. I will dangle some bits and bobs from the star fish and make this in to a fridge magnet or bag charm. (haven't decided as I wasn't sure it would work out).

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rusty Chest... Designed for Calico Crafts

Rusty chest.. I think its what I have as I have coughed for over three weeks with a virus lol. But no that's not the kind I mean. Here is the slightly larger sized wooden chest available at Calico Crafts. the smaller one I turned in to a tooth fairy chest, this larger one (though still small and dinky) has been turned in to a rusty treasure chest. Also from Calico crafts are the little rusty stars on the sides.I have to say the inspiration for this chest was born on my friend Gillian's blog. Now although this chest is very different, there is no denying the points of inspiration or similarity. its susty, has rivets on the edges and the corrugated card influence (the part that inspired me most) is plastered right around the box. Go take a look at Gillians's...I covet it. You can find it HERE.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Wood and Gesso Heart:

I was over looking at the Craft Barn challenge and the theme is Gesso. Handy theme for me as I love covering things in gesso or texture and blasting with a heat gun. ( regular followers will know that lol). So inspired by that theme and the example that Isa gave of putting gesso on flowers, I made this wooden heart, The heart is from Calico Crafts.

Tooth fairy box: Designed for Calico Crafts.

This little Box is ideal for little trinkets, earrings etc and I have done mine as a tooth fairy box. (Inspired by Calico Crafts own description of these blank boxes.) You can get your box HERE at Calico Crafts.(just scroll down a little.)

A Bird in the hand; Designed for Katzelkraft

With this little miniature accordion book, made with two dominoes, you can have a whole flock of birds in the hand at one time. After making the necklace and magnet last week I decided the stamp looked so pretty on a domino that it might be nice to make a little book using more of the bird stamps in the set. So here it is...I used the Bird plate from Katzelkraft HERE. UK residents can purchase it from the Craft Barn.

ARTChix shrine and eco shapes.

Designed for ARTChix using their eco shapes shrine and butterflies.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Da Vinci Overdose... Designed for Katzelkraft.

Yes, Its another Domino and its another Da Vinci piece from the set Vinci Vitruve (also available in the UK from the Craft Barn). I made this little book as the one I made two days ago sold the next day so I don't have one now.
This one has a different look from the last one.

The Da Vinci Craft:

So my new Da Vinci Stamps from Katzelkraft have taken me over the last two days. I am loving them.
As well as doing altered art projects each month for the Design Team, I also like to try and include one really really easy paper-craft project ( I say easy because I am no paper crafter and anything complex is beyond me. So its easy by default.)
So here is a Tag.I would like to point out my backdrop here. I have taken the photo with the tag on an embossed copper book. The book was made By Will of "Phoenix Copper Art". He custom made it for me. I have a few journals and a photo album he has made for me. I altered one and i think they would also make amazing scrap books.

Tatty Da Vinci: Designed for Katzelkraft.

This little box has been altered using the plate "Vinci Vitruve - KTZ65". Also available in the UK from the Craft Barn. The blank box is also available from the craft barn...
I have tried to make it look as old and bashed about as possible without actually bashing it about. It has a nice Tatty peeling ancient look to it. I'm not sure if I am finished with it yet or if I want to continue making it look old and adding circle stains and ink blots to it etc. It may become an ongoing project.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Da Vinci Domino Book: Designed for Katzelkraft

Little accordion "Da Vinci" Domino Book. Using the stamp plate "Vinci Vitruve - KTZ65" From Katzelkraft. Also available in the UK from the craft Barn.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Vive La France: French Flag Tag. Quick design for Katzelkraft.

Its just a quick and simple stamping job. Actually it was so quick and simple I keep staring at it and thinking about adding texture, beads, gold leaf, charms LOL. I am trying to resist.
So this is from the Paris Monuments plate by Katzelkraft. Available in the UK from the Craft Barn.

Craft day with friends.

I went over to Haddington to “ The Mad Scrapper ” for a 12 hour crafting day. I only stayed for 6 hours and probably talked more than I craf...