Friday, 22 April 2011

Designed for Katzelkraft. Faux tiffany glass

This little Microscope hanging has been made in the style of Tiffany glass. the Art Nouveau ladies of Mucha were ideal for this style. Sadly as its glass and mostly transparent and the sun is shining, a photo didn't come easily. Although to the naked eye the images are clear the camera just wasn't loving it. still, I think you get the idea.
This was designed for Katzelkraft using their Mucha Sheet. it is available in the UK from the Craft barn HERE.


  1. lovely faux tiffany glass hanger

  2. Absolutely fantastic Z, love how its 3 sided and catches the light x

  3. Beautiful Z ... the faux Tiffany effect is inspired, love the way the sun catches the full beauty.

  4. Oh Louise! I love it! Tiffany glass is my very favorite and you have done Louis Comfort proud! I adore Mucha as well with all the flouishes. The fact that this is three sided plus the amber shade makes it look quite old.

    Mary Wilkins