Thursday, 10 March 2011

Not So 'Gothic' Arch (Designed for Happy Daze and Peggy)

Well I am doing a swap with a friend from over the sea in the USA... and She asked if we could exchange a 'Gothic arch'. Those of you who know me well will know i am not so great with paper and card type items. I don't do 4x4s birthday cards, postcards and so forth. They just 'go wrong' somehow, even though that's how I started out.
Anyway I dutifully cut out arch after arch of stiff card and decorated it... hmmmm!! It really didnt go well at all. I began to dispair at my flat card blind spot so emailed Peggy and explained my trouble and made an agreement to send some kind of item that was in some way linked to an arch of some kind (vague lol). thankfully she was agreeable so with a sigh of relief i decorated a wooden arch from Happy Daze... (thank you Moira).
Stock used from Happy daze:

the wood arch
Paperbag studio stamp "on the porch"
F is a weathered wood Alpha
bronze blush cosmic shimmer mist
alcohol ink Stream
Inka gold hematite
Inka gold old gold
The F is for friendship and the wings are to signify long distance friendship and its ability to span across the globe.


  1. Oh my gosh you have put me to shame! I'll post a picture of yours tomorrow. I LOVE what you did and hope you like what I did as well!

  2. Oh no no Peggy... dont say that. i do my thing and you do yours. no point in swapping with me if I dont send you a proper Zuzu item now is there. I will love what you send as its an original Peggy ;)
    Z x

  3. Ohhhh, Louise! This wooden arch is so beautiful! It tooks my breath away!!! I'm thrilled.

  4. Oh Louise, you have outdone yourself yet again.
    I am sure Peggy is going to love this, even if it isn't a 'card'.

    Mary Wilkins

  5. Love the fabulous arch. I have one to work on and this has inspired me. I must just thank you so much for the lovely comment about my canvas frame featured on Crafty Individuals blog. It is really appreciated. Sue x