Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Shrine and Alter it monthly.

Well despite being the owner and organiser of Alter it monthly, I was very lax and dint get an example made on time for the return of the challenge. its shrines, altars, dreamboxes and nichos this month. Anyway, I made one tonight. better late than never so they say LOL .....

its more of a shadow frame.
the frames can be bought at the Artistic stamper.


  1. Oh I like what you did! I have one sitting here from a while ago. I also have a lot of blank ones that need!

  2. Hi Zuzu ... I wonder if you could check my link in the comment section of Alter it Monthly. I have a feeling it's not connecting - at least I cannot link from there. If you could comment on my blog I could fix it if it's not working. Thanks so much. Donna

  3. love the very textured background on this shrine..very nice and thanks for visiting my blog

  4. Its fantastic! The texture is amazing and the colours are gorgeous. Love the piece in the frame too. Cheers!