Friday, 11 February 2011

New Stamps From Crafty Individuals.

Well I was pleasantly surprised when the postman arrived with an envelope full of stamps from Crafty individuals. Naturally i was drawn to the very steampunk themed clock set, but i cant wait to try out the postcard floral stamp and a lovely birdcage collage. (amongst others). so i opened the clock / steampunk one right away and made one of my little ipod nano boxes (or cuff-links box) to replace the one i sold on folksy at the begining of the week.
this box has only used small sections of the images on the stamp. if i had had a larger box i would have loved to have the whole images to show you.
I am not sure when this stamp will be available to buy as I dont see it in the store this second, but i am sure it will be there soon...Don't forget... there is a wonderful FREE stamp offer for all orders over £28 before postage In the Crafty Individuals Store right now. Don't miss out. its a beautiful steampunk butterfly collage stamp.


  1. My goodness you have been very industrious lately - your artistic juices are really flowing

    I've been and am 'out of action' for a bit - hence my not visiting - been missing it!

    OH - just had to add - the word verification came up as autosnore!

  2. this box is gorgeous!


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