Monday, 14 February 2011

Correspondence Workshops / Tutorials

Adding up the emails I received and the comments left so far I have 20 interested parties to date. Not everyone will be ready to start at the same time so starting date will be completely open ended and ongoing. You start when you are ready and go at your own pace.

And from the subjects being asked for I have come up with a plan for two online emailed workshops with private forum support. Today I do the dull part...I have to go see the employment office to talk about extra earnings and tax.. Blah! Lol... but I have taken the time to draw out plans for you and to show to them.

So if you are interested, simply email me telling me your chosen workshop, and I will give you my Paypal details.

Looking forward to working with you.

Z x

What’s Involved?

The online workshops will be sent as emails with step by step image attachments, or word documents with step by step images in place between the text, sent by email. (I will need to know which version of word you have if this is the format you want.)

As mentioned above, there is also a private (closed to the public) support forum. If you choose to register, you will be able to ask me as many questions as you like if you’re stuck or need alternatives to items mentioned in the tutorial... you can get support from other participants and swap ideas, and there will be a gallery section for each subject for you to share your progress if you wish.

I will also discuss supplies and sourcing and how to think of and use alternatives if you don’t have the exact item or materials needed.

The workshops will be titled as follows:

Altered Jewellery: £15 (payment by paypal only)

Altered boxes: £15 (payment by paypal only)

Altered Jewellery will include tutorials for three pieces. (4 to 6 emails) available from 1st March

1)An altered domino (that you can turn in to a pendant or brooch)

2)An altered pocket watch case

3)And one steampunk piece

Altered Boxes will include; (4 to 6 emails) available from 1st March

1)A simple alteration using colour, ribbon and text ( like my simple cheese boxes)

2)Simple stamping and inking to decorate a box ( with embellishments if you wish)

3)A less simple but yummy, deeply textured and layered treasure chest.

Below are some examples of the type of items we will be looking at:(these are not the exact items but a sample of the styles)

Altered boxes
Simple colouring, ribbon and text;
Simple Colouring stamping and embellishing;
Ornate deep textured Treasure chest;
Altered Jewellery:
Altered Domino

Altered Pocket-watch case
Steampunk themed item;


  1. I am excited about these. i have long been a follower of your blog and would love to do both tutorials if possible. I have emailed you.
    Dann x

  2. I have just signed up to do the altered treasure box and can't wait to get started. Sandra X


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