Saturday, 12 February 2011

Correspondence Workshops /tutorials anyone?

A dear friend of mine, who sadly lives in a different country, asked me if I would consider doing a set of tutorial / lessons for her via email giving instructions and step by step images, for a small fee. She has looked at a few on-line craft and art courses and kindly said shed really like to hear some of my hints. I offered to do it free but she refused to accept them for nothing.

We have agreed to pick a project then do it a step at a time on a weekly basis (shes working so doesn't want to do too much at once). she is going to pay for the full project.

I am now curious to know if anyone else would like to join in? I have to do the project, write the instructions and take the photos anyway so may as well offer it to any other interested parties.

The general idea will be a weekly email with detailed images and instructions.probably about 6 weeks long maybe more depending on the project . Payment made in either one lump sum or two halves via paypal.the cost will be about £15 ( i think thats around $20 US), details yet to be worked out. There will be a private internet forum opened for paying participants to go and leave questions. share images of progress and get some extra support.

we haven't actually picked a project to work on so any input would be happily accepted. I am also open to doing smaller one of projects that may only consist of between one and three steps for a smaller fee.

So if your interested either leave a comment here or email me at and let me know
a) that your interested
b) what project you are interested in doing with me.


  1. a) yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. (can you guess I am somewhat slightly interested? LOL) I would love to take part
    b) hmmmm... so much to choose from! I love your steampunk pendants, and I love your altered spoons, and I love your cheese boxes... well, I love all your stuff really, so anything!

  2. Possibly, but I need more info. I realise this is a "chicken and egg" situation so will keep an eye on what develops and hopefully will be able to sign up when I know more. Good luck with the venture!

  3. thank you ladies.
    I have also had a couple of emails too saying yes. One wants the altered art / steampunk jewellery and another would like the textured effect on boxes and frames.. so I am thinking that might be the two main items to focus on. if I run two classes you can choose which would most suite. Shairon, I will post details when its all sorted and you can decide at any time. once they are on the go there will be an open ended start date...

  4. Yes please! There are a few of these type of classes around , but no one else does altered stuff to my knowledge.
    Please go for it, I love your stuff, but would really like the cheese boxes please, pretty please with glitter on top :-))

  5. I would be interested too. I have never done any steam punk but would try almost anything.

  6. I would be interested! I think you are wonderful,

    Lucy x