Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Butterfly frame.(and FREE stamp offer)

Well this started as a project for Craft stamper (on behalf of crafty individuals) but it just didnt go well at all (in my view) from the perspective of showing the stamp of at its best. the frame is way too big for the stamp i wanted to use(CI-296). So its gone through a metamorphosis. it started very dark in the middle...
This Stamp is being sent out FREE with every order over £28 (before postage) for a short time. Don't miss out.
I didnt like it lol so i took it to bits and made it light in the middle.. but realised much as the frame it's self was nice enough, it didnt fit the size of the stamp... i had just made a bad choice
SO... I took the middle out altogether and decided to use just the butterfly part. ( I have made a separate item for craft stamper which i can not show you until its in the magazine. )


  1. This is gorgeous! By the way I have the arch ready. Don't panic...whenever you get yours done is fine.

  2. Louise, your work is always nothing less than stunning! This pieces are no exception! SO BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I must admit, though, I like the first and second ones best, probably because I love that stamp so much!

    Lucy x