Friday, 7 January 2011

To Grunge or Not to grunge: Designed for Happy Daze.

Well i didnt feel like getting all the boxes of craft things back out as they make a lot of mess and we only JUST got over the christmas mess of too much food to fit in cupboard and cards falling from their display etc. BUT.. I really wanted to craft afgter my gift from Moira at Happy daze arrived. As Part of the design team we were given a sum of money to spend in the shop.

I got out a very very small kit put in to a basket out of storage in boxes lol. all of it is from the happy daze shop. the kit consisted of:

two timmy tags
one rubber stamp (paper bag studio)
4 distress inks and the blending tool.
black stazon
a key
a keyhole
a large old time photo button
one flower
Lavish trimmings.

I made two tags in two different styles. One typically distressed and tim holtzy looking tag and one pink frilly and girlie tag.


  1. like them both but the grunge one is my fave out of the 2 - you do that style well.

  2. I like both of them also! My room is a mess once again as I've been doing fabric stuff! I still have that steampunk watch to put together!

  3. Amazing what can be done with the same supplies in two very different styles. Love them both! Happy creating...

  4. Definitely to grunge.. but there both pretty cool

  5. I like both styles, shows the versatility of the stamp x

  6. They are stunningly beautiful, each in their own right. The first, nostalgic and feminine with a pure innocence to it.

    The second - excudes warmth and richness - just perfect for a winter warmer on a cold frosty day like today

  7. Love the two ways you did these Louise. The pink and white exudes frostiness, but the green and brown one is just so warm!

    Mary Wilkins