Thursday, 30 December 2010

Working with Crafty Individuals.

Crafty Individuals sent out their new stamps for me to try out and show you. I have to agree with others when they say that as with everything, some things appeal to you instantly and some things don't. This ship stamp, a Duck stamp and a butterfly stamp all stood out to me instantly.
The ship stamp is Item CI-295 and the smaller stamp used on the frame of a compass is from a selection on Item CI-294. The little sturdy frame is also from Crafty individuals "small collage frame" . The frame was not supplied free, I bought it as I feel that for the sum of 75p it is amazing value for money as its not flimsy at all, and very smooth to work on.
the drift wood, net, starfish and shell are all from my own personal supplies.


  1. Wow! This really has a time weathered look like it just was found on the Titanic or such. Fabulous work as always. Continued Creativity in the new year...

  2. I haven't been on line over Christmas - today is the first day - and what a surprise I was in for - not only make gorgeous works of art - but are a master at photography and 'photographic sets'

  3. This is truly gorgeous, love how you have incorporated the drift wood into this piece, overall effect .... stunning x

  4. I agree, that ship stamp would jump out for me too! Love what you created with it!