Tuesday, 7 December 2010

There are cards then there are BB CARDS (My December Folksy feature)

Over at the Folksy community we like to try and feature some work or a shop we have come across that inspires us or we think has great items for sale. Its supposed to be every week but I just dont have time to put up a folksy feature every week. This feature though was easy for me to do.... My dear friend Paula has started a shop... ( it was Paula that got me started on the type of crafting that I do) so I am starting my December folksy features with her.......

There are thousands upon thousands of folks making hand crafted cards.. some slap a topper on and call it done.. others make more effort. there are so many styles and something for everyone. and yes the market for cards is probably saturated. so if your going to get a hand crafted card.. you may as well skip the searching and just go for one of the best.
A lady who has been featured Many times in some of the top crafting and stamping mags from here and the USA has now opened a folksy shop. Prize winning quality and originality can now be yours. selling at better prices than many shop cards and mostly free postage, why leave the house?Paula Whitaker(BB) has long been admired by myself and i buy all my cards from her. ( she doesn't charge enough for some of the creations i have had from her). She intends to expand outside of just cards and start selling some of her other gorgeous work. I hope its soon as shes just made some amazing frames and pictures.
So please go take a look. if your not a card maker and want good quality artistically designed cards then shes the very woman for you... Visit Her Folksy shop HERE


  1. Nice cards! I make my cards, some are simple some are more elaborate. Sometimes simple is elegant!

  2. I'm a big fan of Paula's work too, stunning and elegant and always one of a kind

  3. aaww thank you Z - your such a lovely soul x

  4. Im glad you dont mind that i picked you BB. I do folksy features now and then and its a real pleasure to be able to chose a friends shop.

  5. A big aplause, Louise!
    What you make is a feast for my eyes to look at !!
    Well done!!

  6. lol@ Martina.. I guess you didnt read the post.. I didnt make these Martina.. but I do realise English is a second language.I might not have read it either if it wasnt in my first language.

  7. Louise,
    I am going to have to look further at Paula's work as it is very interesting. I make my own cards, but since I start them late, I am the slap dash card maker and wish I could be a bit more focused on details than I am.

    Mary Wilkins

  8. Yup - BB's cards are truly original - and now so famous in many publications - grab one while you can