Saturday, 4 December 2010

Forest and snow Bird house

I had a little plywood bird box sitting in a box since august when i went to visit Ginger... I have been snowed in for a week but i live in some beautiful countryside. looking out my window at the robins and wrens on the snowy branches ( I just put food out for them) I suddenly felt inspired to turn my bird box in to a recreation of whats out there. My house is surrounded by trees and wildlife. The snow has at last begun to fall off the trees in patches so I can seee the bark and moss as well as fresh white snow...
I made this bird box facing that view and I have to say i enjoyed making it. I am not happy with how harsh it looks in the photos, as in real life its very soft and almost has a bridal look... It also has oodles and oodles of crystal glitter and glass glitter on it.. and its twinkling away like mad here. its like frost and fresh snow catching the sun.... sadly the photos dont catch that but you can get the general idea.


  1. oooh I can just picture the scene outside your room - and this truly captures the soft snow and crystals etc

    Maybe it is the white background that makes you think that it looks a bit harsh - but it looks just gorgeous to me.

  2. That is just perfect. The gold background really hits all the right spots and compliments the colouring of the bird box.

    The textured look of the background almost looks as though it is a tree trunk.

    I just love these photos.