Sunday, 7 November 2010

Recycled CD storage: Designed For the Altered Element.

Here is My second piece for Novembers them "Recycled"....
Its one of those plywood Ikea CD storage boxes. Its been sitting in a cupboard on a shelf abandoned for about two years as we moved on to new storage. So Rather than throw it out I kept it "just in case". I cant tell you how many things I have Just in case.
So what did I use on this. Firstly I gave it a base coat of Birch paint By Eco Green. Then I positioned The Tim Holtz Masks Timeworks, where i wanted them and dabbed over gently them with a Brilliance dew drop ink pad in Pearl coffee Bean. Once i had the whole box covered with the ink and mask effect i sprayed over it with Cosmic shimmer mists in Copper and Bronze.
I decorated the box with Tim Holtz, Ideaology Sprocket Gears, as well as other watch parts, pocketwatch face, a Game spinner, and chain.If you dont have a clock face, Artchix have a handy collage sheet with watch faces. I added two drawer handles from my personal stash of hardware, as well as some microscope slide glass and an optical test lens.
The Box was a bit too 'boxy' for my liking so i softened the top up by adding a pelmet type thing. I made it out of black mount board I had lying around, cut to a random shape. I used Golden gel medium to stick on fusible film ( you may be noticing a fusible film theme in my work. Thank you Linda B lol ). I heated the fusible film on to the Gel medium coated mount board, and let it over heat and bubble and melt holes in places. Added more cogs, some German scrap and other random hardware from my own stash. the feet were made from building blocks.
Any questions please feel free to leave a comment on my blog or email me ( email address also on my personal blog.)


  1. Louise, I am so very delighted to see the CD Box you have created. I love your style and all the pretty details that you have decorated this with. You have done a fabulous job on this! Gorgeous!

  2. This is a lovely piece and your softening of the box is perfect. Happy creating...

  3. Hi Zuzu this is way beautiful hunny. Look at all that fab work. This is a master piece!!
    Thanks for sharing sweetie.

  4. This is really wonderful. Bravo!!!!


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