Friday, 26 November 2010

Crafters Pick "The Ultimate" glue (and a water nymph box)

This post is a joint post for sharing a box I have made and for talking about a new glue I tried out. Now I have to add that I am on the design team at Happy daze online craft shop, and it was Happy Daze that supplied me with my glue, however, I was also told not to feel obliged to blog or say i liked it if it wasnt the case.
Plus i dont feel happy endorsing something I am not satisfied with so I put this glue to the test.
I sell my crafts on Folksy so I need to be 100% certain items I glue on to my altered art are going to stay on and not be rattling around loose in the packaging on arrival at the home of the buyer.

I have had trouble with glues and metal objects. Glossy accents and Bostik are the two adhesives i was using. glossy accents are a little temperamental about what it will adhere to and if its going to hold. and Bostik does that "stringy" thing where it leaves a trail from the glued object all the way back to the tube and over anything you passed the tube over. so i often spend time picking the stringy web of glue back off...
So, how would Crafters Pick 'Ultimate Glue' fair?

Here are the types of test I did on this box with the glue.

1) I attached the Tim Holtz Ornamental Plate on top. a reasonably large surface being attached to another large surface. so maybe an easy test but still an important one. a heavy ornate item on my textured surface. It passed with flying coulours. thats not coming off even if I want it to.

2) attaching the filigree teardrops. these items have next to no surface touching the box. they are hollow so its literally just the rims that i could add the glue to. they too are stuck fast ( and i have picked and poked and prodded.

3) my main test i think. I wanted to dangle a chain from the box but i didnt want to get a drill out and start trying to figure out what to attach it to, so, i simply added a small blob of glue at each end and attached it by one link... just ONE link of chain pressed in to the glue at either end and left to dry. its now there for life ... i put two crystals over the links and those are also bonded fast. I also attached the foundations feet with the glue.

4) it dried in 100% clear and it was thick enough straight from the bottle to hold things in place quickly. so you dont have to sit holding it till it got tacky.

So is there a down side?

Well there are a couple of small niggles that are not to do with bonding power.

1) the nozzle has a very large opening so you are not in control of the amount of glue from it. I overcame this by squeezing some glue in to a bottle lid and used a glue brush (old paint brush) to paint the glue on to the smaller items or thin items.

2) the glue is very thick o again its better to apply it with something other than the nozzle supplied.

I guess the ultimate test for me is... Would I sell items I had used this glue on and feel confident they will not disappoint the buyer? YES I would and will. maybe not on absolutely everything but i have confidence in this glues holding power and versatility.


  1. wawwwwwwwwwwww realyy stunning creation =O, omg , it looks waww, well done girl ¡¡¡
    have a great day

  2. Thanks for that Louise... it's a real battle finding the "right" glue at times, isn't it? I was playing with a hot glue gun yesterday and thought it was great til I got some stuck to my finger (which is still sore!).
    Beautiful box though, love the colours especially!

  3. This looks like an underwater box of treasures to keep forever. You've captured the feel perfectly.Absolutely stunning.
    Loving the latest profile photo too. Looking rather young and glamourous if I may say so :0)

    Thanks too for your very kind words in your email xxxxx Jo

  4. Thanks for the glue test! and the box is another one of your awsome makes loving the lady image on the top!

    Love Dawn xx

  5. This is so beautiful and looks like a wonderful treasure from long ago. You really are the queen of altering...

  6. Z, this is so magically perfect with that image, a real treasure trove x