Monday, 8 November 2010

Craft fair stuff.

I am still trying to kick myself in to a slightly faster speed at making stuff as its less than 2 weeks to the fair and i only have enough stuff to fit a 2 foot square area lol
I dont know how ginger is doing. better than me i hope. I faff around too long on each item I think. Here are a coule of things i did manage to finish yesterday ( its going to have to be more than 2 a day though at the rate I am going. )


  1. Beautiful,beautiful,beautiful work - I am sure you'll have plenty by the deadline and you will be sold out in half an hour.

  2. It's the time and effort that people appreciate when buying handmade - that's what I have to tell myself when I rearrange scrapbooking layouts for the twentieth time anyway. Looking good though x