Saturday, 27 November 2010

another textured box. (and Tutorial link)

I think I have no more boxes to alter now!!! Oh my! what will I do .. lol

The last one sold in less than 24 hours of listing it so its going away and I haven't finished getting to know it. So i decided to make something else to take its place for a while. And as Ginger gave me a few ( bunch lol) of peacock feathers last weekend I decided to use that as a theme. this is another of my textured boxes for which i have written a tutorial to be posted in the near future on the happy daze site.

Edited to Add:
The tutorial is now up to view over on the Happy Daze website, on how to achieve the look i have been getting on the textured boxes in the last three posts. I used Texture paste by Daler Rowney, but I have heard the substitutes from the hardware store work pretty well too. Never tried them personally , but the lovely Linda Baldock has often told me to try it with no-nails etc.


  1. another beatiful creation ¡¡¡, well done , I love your art =)

  2. Your a constant source of inspiration, all your boxes are divine x

  3. Opulance wih a capital O .... this is stunning Z x

  4. It is just too beautiful for words - absolutely stunning