Monday, 1 November 2010

Altered Cheese Boxes: Designed for The Altered Element and entered in to Mixed Media Monday.

I Recycled these two Cheese boxes... you know the kind you get soft cheeses in like Camembert etc. I had two sizes so decided to make them in to a stacking pair. Actually the inseration for these was the turquoise and gold trim braiding with beads and sequins I saw in the shops Ribbon and braid section. I fell in love with it, had to have it, so had to design something with it in mind. So how did I make them. two very quick and simple boxes that anyone could manage.
For the large box.
Paint in copper ( or gold if you refer) acrylic paint and allow to dry completely ( that's the hard bit but a heat gun eases the pain).
Now paint over that with the Turquoise Croco crackle paint. Allow to dry, ( a heat gun will work here but you get better crackle if you can wait).
When its dry.. stamp and emboss randomly using a flourish stamp of your choice.
Now glue some decorative ribbon around the top and your done.

The photo doesn't show the crackle so well so ive take a close up to let you see the copper shining through...
The top smaller box was simply sprayed with the aqua Shimmer mist (its showing greener than it is in the photo) and rubbed in with a cloth.. allowing it to soak in to the wood so it just stains the wood lightly. then apply gold leaf in patches... Lastly, attach the turquoise and gold beaded braid with glue... and voilĂ !

I loved this ribbon so much i used it on a few things.. it adds a lot of elegance and opulence i think, and matching it with the gold leaf seemed to add the finishing touches. Here are the items I have added it to ( so far lol)

Stock Used From the Altered Element:

Croco- Turquoise Crackle paint.
Gold Leaf sheet
Decorative trim border.
Copper Paint Dauber.
cosmic shimmer Mister (Aqua Lagoon)
Cosmic Shimmer, Embossing Crystals: Bright Gold

I am also entering it for Mixed Media Monday Monthly as they have a theme of Boxes this month.
Zuzu x


  1. Oh my goodness - you must have spent hours making these - they really do look opulent, and the colours are gorgeous.

    You would never dream that they started life as cheese boxes. I will have to buys some cheese in a box for Christmas pressies and get the recipients to keep the boxes for me! I love all the different items you have used the ribbons on too

  2. These boxes are fabulous ZuZu. Thank you for sharing your super techniques.

  3. Gorgeous boxes Louise! I must go upmarket and buy my Cambembert in wooden boxes instead of the usual cardboard ones from now on! Love the crackle effect. Thanks for sharing the technique.

  4. How awesome!! Love your boxes. They rock!! You are soooo talented and your work is truely inspirational!!

  5. Why Zuzu these are fit for a queen...fantastic tranformation...awesome job!

  6. Wow--these are unbelievable!! They should be in a magazine...they are fantastic!!!

  7. Dazzling! Love the colors and crackle paint.

  8. Gorgeous, great colours, love the crackles

  9. Beautiful boxes, love the crackle effect!

  10. Fantastic ides, love the colours and the crackle effect.

  11. Your boxes are amazing! I love the crackle effect!

  12. Those are super cute boxes you made.... here I was thinking mac'n cheese boxes--- yes, nothing but the best for me lol

  13. LOL.... Cheryl! Mac and cheese doesnt come in a box .... you have to make it with pots and pans.. lol.. these are actually bought brand new in bulk so have never even sniffed at a bit cheese.

  14. Wow, this is amazing Louise - love it! Diane


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