Monday, 4 October 2010

Mixed Media Monday. Shrines, Nichos, Alters and Icons...

I am guest designer on MIXED MEDIA MONDAY this week and i have chosen the theme "Shrines!"

Wither its a folding Icon type shrine made of card, a Shrine laid out on a rock or a bedroom dresser or something more solid with a niche hollowed out, I love them.
I like opening, unfolding or peering in at whatever is to be found.
As a teen I was never one for following rock bands but boy did my older sister have one impressive shrine laid out on her dresser for David Cassidy.
Ive seen some amazing religious shrines from grand stone carvings, to items left by locals in the nook of a tree in Mexico.
Or maybe your more into something like a Tri-fold cards and ATC icon shrines., or metal Mexican folk art nichos... desk top shrines... Or maybe on your travels you've taken some cool photography of a historical shrine or religious shrine... The possibilities are endless.

I would love to see what your idea of a mixed media shrine or nicho is.

Here, I have used a papier Mache Torso and cut a door in to it so i could make a torso shaped nicho dedicated to my love of all things steampunk.

Good luck and Happy creating..

Torso,peacock feathers, game spinners, watch parts and some of the cogs, available at The Altered Element


  1. How fabulous this shrine is and how super interesting to see all that you have included as part of it. You must be the steampunk queen! The peacock feathers are a perfect touch and of course my favorite colors. Happy creating...

  2. Hi sorry if I've left this twice but blogger has been playing silly bloggers this morning !!...i love this work and love the idea of shrines ...can anyone join in on mixed media Monday ?? .i have just posted some fabric collaged pieces on my blog that could be a shrine to Kitsch .....x this is now my third attempt at leaving this comment

  3. Zuzu ~ This is cooler then the "Steampunk" and the feathers are to die for...Awesome example.

  4. What a fantastic piece of altered art, love all the details, so unique, individual piece. The feathers are a great touch too. Tracy Evans x

  5. Louise, you have given me an idea for a torso I have been holding onto (currently painted apple green) for ages! Love this idea and the feathers are perfect.

    Mary Wilkins

  6. First of all, your piece is A-MAZ-ING!!! I love the steampunk nod and the way the door was created out of the torso - such a cool touch!
    Thank you for hosting such a fun challenge - and for the laugh about David Cassidy! xoxo

  7. I agree with everyone else, this creation is amazing! Love all the delicious embellishments you've added and the peacock feathers are the perfect touch! Brilliant, Louise!

  8. AMAZING! Nothing more to say.

    Love Dawn xx

  9. really like your dt piece with all the layers...thanks for visiting my blog and explaining what guising is...I better get my kids to practise a little turn then! I remember one year when my youngest was wishing all the neighbours a happy birthday!

  10. Hi there,
    I have finally got round to checking out the new altered element design team blogs. Loving that shrine you made, looking forward to your enchanted piece and future work too. Anika xx

  11. This shrine you have created is inspiring! Wow, I love all your elements, and especially the peacock feathers.

  12. fantastic piece! Love all the bits & bobs - thanks for sharing

  13. Louise your shrine is gorgeous, love all the different things you used, thanks for a great challenge.

  14. This piece is amazing - so much detail!

  15. I love your wonderful piece! So much to see and so creative. Thank you for hosting this fun challenge. - Kris

  16. Fantastic creation and inspiration piece

    All I can say is WOW!!!

  17. What a beautiful shrine you made. A lot of work went into this and it shows!

  18. waw great creation, i d like toknow what kind of paint yuo used for it, it looks terrific ,pls let me know ok,

    kissed from lima peru

  19. I will email you Helen :) but the answer is... "Modern masters Copper effect paint" and then i put on small patches of the " green patina activator" also made by modern masters.


  20. Thank you for answering me =), I am looking for it on internet ,I lltry to get it and use it, and made such beatiful things like you =), Your works have truly inspired me =)

    ,I ll be visiting your blog
    helen x

  21. zuzu ,the Precious Metals Liquid Leafing is equal to Modern masters Copper effect paint '''??? icant get the same effect if I use the first one ????

  22. Such a stunning piece of art! thankyou so much for being guest host this month - I hope you'll be back to host again sometime :-) It was such a pleasure!

  23. simply fabulous, love the addition of peacock feathers


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