Friday, 15 October 2010

Enchanted garden: Designed for "the Altered Element"

My second "Enchanted" Piece is much less supernatural and dark and a bit more magical fairy land. I got one of the Wooden Icons from the Altered Element and turned it in to a magic garden type shrine or desk top alter.
It couldn't have been simpler (trust me it was all slap blosh with glue and zapping with a heat gun.)Firstly, I covered the whole shrine in treasure gold, let it dry for a bit then buffed it up with a dry cloth ( known as whatever i was wearing at the time). Although drying is not necessary it buffs up nicer if you wait. Next, attached the image. I then applied Golden gel medium randomly around the outside of the image and tore strips of fusible film to attach to it by sticking to the Gel Medium and blasting with a heat-gun, (Linda Baldock's famous "Heat the crap out of it"technique. lol).Use the heat gun on it for as long as you like. I like it to bubble burst and holes to appear... I used more than one colour of film and applied in layers till I was happy with the look. I rubbed some treasure gold over some of the raised bits, (just a touch here and there) and all i did then was glue on trinkets and charms i have collected over the years. a lot of it reclaimed from broken jewellery. ( I tend to use glossy accents to glue on things like that.).The other side had a light coat of white paint put over the gold then rubbed off in Patches. Stamped on my phrase ( I am not really a stamper and i think it shows lol) and then added embossing powders and more little beads and things around the edge. Another rub over with Treasure gold in patches and added my filigree finding (courtesy of Gillian) .
I didn't bother to take a photo of the back as its plain gold and the same quote stamped on the front. that's all.
The Image is by Crafty Individuals ( from their Christmas pad)
Any questions at all, and i will happily do me best to give a useful answer. Just email me.


  1. This is stunning, love it's magical feel...
    I have never seen the fusible film before, checked out your link...looks fabulous in such wonderful colors...mmmmm I might need to order

    Jenny x

  2. I do believe...
    This is wonderful and magical and fabulous.
    I believe...I believe...I believe...
    Happy creating.

  3. Louise, your wooden icon is FABULOUS in every way!!! The creativity of design and the stunning colours are superb. Congratulations on your wonderful artwork.

  4. magical in every sense!

  5. Lovely great textures and colours ....x

  6. Indeed a magical piece, the colours, texture and details are right up my street x

  7. Oh wow this is so gorgeous all the beautiful colours and textures and embellishments just fabulous and so is your treasure box from a few posts down :-)


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