Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Curse Box : Designed for "the Altered Element"

Here it is! My FIRST Design Team piece for The Altered Element. Its a Curse Box. (Inspired by my favourite TV show Supernatural). A curse box is a strong magical protection box that can safely contain curses and evil magic out of harms way.
I have used two treasure chests; One large and one small. The Small one is adorable and I may need more of these to fill with small Christmas treats.The large chest was painted with a dark slate grey paint and then using golden gel medium as an adhesive, I attached randomly torn strips of Fusible film. to set the film in place, i brushed on a coating of gel medium in the areas i wanted to cover, then used a heat gun to heat the film straight on to the box. I heat and heat till the film melts and bubbles and holes appear. It gives a nice texture and distressed melted on look.
I used some treasure gold to highlight some areas. I used the classic gold and the copper. I hung a chain with rusted charms around it and attached some decorations. (The Butterfly is a Vintaj Brass one. ) I then stood it on the Ranger Idea-ology Foundations.I covered the inside with book pages from an old Copy of Sir Walter Scott's "The Talisman" (with a spooky Bloody Mary tearing out from behind it). Then i added lots of little interesting magical looking bits 'n' bobs.I put a large Scrying Crystal in to the small treasure chest wrapped in velvet (its really from an old chandelier and was given to me by carol). The chest was painted with dark blue and glitter gold paints. I also added some potion bottles in various shapes and sizes (the altered element have a selection of little bottles and Vials.)...And there you have it.
Any Questions, then do not hesitate to email me.


  1. LOVE it! So many details. I especially dig the rusty charms and the way they hang. Also, I am on Team Dean. :OD(Carry on my wayward son)If you'd like a Supernatural postcard, let me know!

  2. wonderfully detailed in every way!

  3. Divine - perfect the Halloween - and just adorable to alter for any time of the year. Off to check them out.


  4. Wow - this is such an amazing piece with so much going on I could look at it for hours - bet it is even better in real life. Congratulations on the design team. xx


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